The Hermit and the Logos

In some way everything I’ve written is a little experiment in the laboratory of our minds. This blog entry is a little more experimental than anything else I’ve published because of its heavy focus on autobiographical information. In the first part of it, I discuss my interest alchemy, yoga, and a few experiences I had … Continue reading The Hermit and the Logos

Alchemy, Hermeticism, and Monomyth in Final Fantasy X

The first time I played Final Fantasy X was around 2002, when a friend let me borrow it one summer. I was hooked immediately. Since this first experience with it, I have played through the game countless times, spending many summers or weeks between semesters at college with one of my favorite games of all … Continue reading Alchemy, Hermeticism, and Monomyth in Final Fantasy X

Alchemical Gardens and Fantastic Beasts

In another entry, I discuss trees as symbols of the connection between Heaven and Earth and Jupiter's ascent up the alchemical tree in Poe’s “The Gold-Bug.” This entry starts with a similar symbol and analyzes it in biblical and alchemical thought and literature. That symbol is the garden, as in the title of my former … Continue reading Alchemical Gardens and Fantastic Beasts

The Gold-Bug & Alchemy of the Imagination

In the esoteric as well as the literary arts, the imagination is of paramount importance, as it is the image-creating faculty of the mind. Memory is related to imagination, and both are controlled by the hippocampus. The human imagination seems able to recreate sense perceptions based on semantic or factual abstractions from our episodic or … Continue reading The Gold-Bug & Alchemy of the Imagination