Alchemical Gardens and Fantastic Beasts

In another entry, I discuss trees as symbols of the connection between Heaven and Earth and Jupiter's ascent up the alchemical tree in Poe’s “The Gold-Bug.” This entry starts with a similar symbol and analyzes it in biblical and alchemical thought and literature. That symbol is the garden, as in the title of my former … Continue reading Alchemical Gardens and Fantastic Beasts


Flight of the Three-Eyed Raven

Like many millions, I watched the HBO series Game of Thrones regularly. Martin's imagination captivated me from early on, and I wanted to write about the series for some time, but I decided to wait until the release of the series finale to write this. I grew to enjoy the series more as more seasons … Continue reading Flight of the Three-Eyed Raven

The Gold-Bug & Alchemy of the Imagination

In the esoteric as well as the literary arts, the imagination is of paramount importance, as it is the image-creating faculty of the mind. Memory is related to imagination, and both are controlled by the hippocampus, but the imagination creates sense perceptions based on semantic or factual abstractions from our episodic or autobiographical memory. Using … Continue reading The Gold-Bug & Alchemy of the Imagination