Brady Web

Welcome to Brady Web, an educational website covering medieval and classical studies, religion, poetry, symbol, language, literature, hermetics, and the occult. This site includes information about life in the Middle Ages, with a focus on the religious aspects; images of medieval manuscripts, including religious, scientific, and poetic manuscripts; a blog with literary, philosophical, and historical analyses; a resource for a brand of literary studies; and a database of occultism and hermetic information. The site’s author is Brady Peneton, an English literature and library science scholar.

The blog section of this site is both a replacement for and a continuation of a podcast I recorded some episodes for but in a more effective medium, and the rest of the site will serve as a supplement to the many ideas covered there. Entries will be published in the blog periodically; many of these will be expanded, edited, and polished scripts from podcast episodes and previously published essays, but more original content will surface. The podcast may continue later with a different goal in mind.

This site is heavily focused on Western culture, the Western mind, and Western occult and literary traditions, and therefore it is not all-encompassing, nor could it be. It may expand, but for now its interests lie where Brady’s interests do, and therefore terms and concepts included here focus on the Western European experience of language, literature, and religion (Greek religion, Christianity, Catholicism, and Protestantism). Use the menu at the top and bottom of each page to navigate the site and explore different concepts and materials relevant to your own interests. There are internal and external links spread throughout the pages to gloss terms and ideas on each page.

If you’d like to contact Brady directly about corrections, additions, interviews, or anything else, please use the contact form on his portfolio website.